El Paso, TX Ketamine Clinic | Ketamine for Depression in Texas

El Paso, TX Ketamine Clinic | Ketamine for Depression in Texas

Traveling to our ketamine clinic from El Paso could save you significantly on ketamine for depression or pain.

In El Paso, TX, the cost of ketamine infusions can run upwards of $800. At our Colorado area ketamine clinics, ketamine infusions are available from only $375—the lowest price in the country. With round trip flights from El Paso available for as low as $67, traveling to our clinic could not only save you a significant amount of money, but it could also immensely improve your health, happiness and well-being.

To make traveling to our ketamine clinic from El Paso even more accessible, we have partnered with local area hotels to offer lodging availability and complimentary parking at our clinic. We are happy to help plan your trip to Colorado and make the process of getting here as smooth as possible.

Absolutely amazing experience!!! Dr. Langston was highly recommended and he and the clinic exceeded my expectations. They got me in quickly and made everything extremely easy. They even came in on a Sunday and a holiday to work around my schedule. I was nervous going into my first treatment, but Dr. Langston took his time to answer my questions and make me feel at ease. He is extremely professional and personal. After several years of trying numerous other treatments, I started feeling relief within hours of my first treatment. If you’ve been considering this treatment, call Vitalitas!

Ryan Donovan

Google Review

Vitalitas Denver offers so much more than just a low price on ketamine infusions. Those traveling to our ketamine clinic from El Paso, TX will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience, with infusions administered by highly experienced anesthesiologists and monitored on state-of-the-art equipment. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

$375 per ketamine infusion is the lowest price in the U.S.


Contact our offices! Find out if ketamine infusions are the right choice for you.

Take advantage of hotel availability & convenient location.


At Vitalitas Denver, we treat patients for a number of mood disorders and chronic pain conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, CRPS, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and more. Our team of anesthesiologists and nurses are highly trained to administer ketamine using state-of-the-art monitoring and safety equipment. We strive to make your ketamine infusion experience as comfortable as possible.


Whether you’re from El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, or any other part of Texas, consider traveling to our Colorado ketamine clinics for ketamine infusions. We treat patients from every corner of the country. Watch our Fox News feature story and learn more about our clinic and why patients are willing to travel long distances to receive infusions at Vitalitas.


Our ketamine infusion clinics are conveniently located and affordable option for those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or chronic pain conditions.


12110 N. Pecos Street; Suite 160
Westminster, CO 80234


26 West Dry Creek Circle; Suite 200
Littleton, CO 80120

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