Anxiety disorders can be a debilitating burden to one’s mind, emotions and actions. If you or someone you know struggles with seemingly small things such as preparing to make a phone call, working up the nerve to venture into a public place, or overcoming the overwhelming anxiety that attacks when confronted with unplanned situations, you are not alone. Thousands of people struggle with various types of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Disorders Can Be Crippling

Anxiety disorders can prevent you from living the life you’ve imagined. They change the way you think and approach everyday situations.  Therapy can help, but working oneself up to get to a therapist can take monumental effort and courage and provoke even more anxiety.

Anxiety causes feelings of perpetual stress, chronic worrying and the need to control things beyond our control.  Obsessive concern over small details and things of relatively minor importance are signs of a chronic anxiety disorder.  The overwhelming need to control all the details of one’s life can be debilitating.

Some advocate treating anxiety with rituals that counteract the obsessive worrying as the best approach to helping an anxious person. The challenge is that anxiety and worry are often massively out of proportion with the inciting life events, thus, logic-based treatment options are not always the best way to tackle this crippling disorder. The constant feelings of worry, loss of control, and perceived judgment from others do not simply go away by thinking positively.

If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, you are not alone and there is cause for hopefulness. There are ways to combat the overwhelming feelings that you face.  Whether through psychotherapy, medication, non-conventional treatments or a combination of these, healing is possible.



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