Depression is a mental disorder that affects 350 million people world wide. According to a medical paper published by Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, people in the United States 18 years and older make up 4.6% of those 350 million. The study, which surveyed 600,000—or 0.1836%—of the US population, concluded that those who spend more than 6 hours in front of a screen were at a greater risk for depression.

According to TIME’s latest article, “Depression and Suicide in Youth,” a large percentage of our nation’s youth also suffers from depression. Most of them also spend many hours in front of a screen using social media. Those who recognize that their social media screen time could be affecting their happiness apply these five simple rules to reduce their consumption and improve their quality of life:

1. They are selective about their responses.

2. They stop worrying about missing out.

3. They do not let updates distract them from real life.

4. They do not believe everything they see.

5. They set time limits on their use.

By applying these rules, they remove their focus on unnecessary noise and prioritize what is in front of them. However, sometimes making these changes may not be possible due to work or other obligations. If applying these rules does not help, or using your televisions, phones, and computers less is not possible, there are still other options available to improve your condition.

Seeking professional help through psychotherapy, antidepressant medication, or ketamine infusion therapy are three possibilities. Antidepressants, the most common treatment available, affects the monoamine receptors in the brain. However, they often take four to six weeks before any changes are noticeable. When talk therapy and antidepressants are ineffective, many patients choose ketamine infusion therapy because of its rapid effects. Ketamine is as effective for adolescents as it is for adults. You can click the button below to read articles we’ve written about ketamine for adolescent depression in the past.

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