As one of Colorado’s leading ketamine clinics, we see first-hand the impact that mental health disorders can have on an individual. We see the pain that prevents a patient from engaging in their favorite hobbies or activities, or that keeps them home in bed rather than at the office, or that lets the dishes pile up in the sink day after day because they just can’t bring themselves to perform even the most mundane of household tasks.

But we also see first-hand the hope that treatments like ketamine infusions can bring to those suffering in indescribable emotional pain. That’s why, when we see ketamine in a list of the top 10 mental health discoveries of 2018, we are filled with hope ourselves. Hope that this revolutionary treatment has finally begun to speak louder than those speaking out against it.

Since its antidepressant qualities were discovered during the early part of this century, ketamine has emerged as one of the most effective depression treatments available, effectively reducing depressive symptoms in up to 70% of patients. However, ketamine’s reputation as a party drug, coupled with unanswered questions about how, exactly, ketamine works, has made these treatments a bit controversial. However, a recent article in Insider explores the top 10 mental health discoveries of 2018…and ketamine for depression is one of them.

To summarize, in May 2018, Johnson & Johnson’s version of ketamine—an isomer they are calling esketamine, which is delivered intranasally—passed the third and final phase of clinical trials needed to gain FDA approval. This could revolutionize depression treatment and mental healthcare as we know it—time will tell. In the meantime, generic ketamine, which has been around since 1970, continues to be administered with remarkable results in clinics like ours throughout the U.S. Johnson & Johnson isn’t the only pharmaceutical company pursuing a ketamine-inspired depression treatment; Allergan is well on its way to receiving FDA approval for its own drug, Rapastinel.

We don’t know what 2019 has in store for mental healthcare, but we’re hopeful that more of those suffering will have access to affordable and effective depression treatments. If you or a loved one is suffering—has tried everything, but nothing has worked—please contact Vitalitas Denver. We are one of the country’s leading ketamine clinics and can answer any questions you have about ketamine for depression and if you are a candidate for the treatments. To make ketamine infusions more accessible, we offer the lowest-priced ketamine infusions in the country, financing solutions, and flexible appointment hours.

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