At Vitalitas Denver, we use ketamine to treat patients suffering from a wide range of chronic pain conditions. From CRPS and fibromyalgia to Lyme disease and more, ketamine is absolutely one of the most effective non-opioid pain management options available to those suffering from chronic pain. But there is another condition that we’ve been able to treat remarkably successfully through the administration of ketamine infusions: migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches are a debilitating condition without any known cure. Worse is that 60% of those suffering from migraines do not respond to any available treatments. Ketamine has long been considered a “last resort” for treating only the most stubborn migraine headaches, but new research shows that ketamine may not only reduce the acute pain associated with migraines, but could also reduce the severity and intensity of future migraines.

A retrospective study performed at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia tested the efficacy of ketamine infusions in treating chronic migraine headaches. Participants received a 3-7 day course of ketamine infusions and, ultimately, reported a 75% improvement in their symptoms. Because of the positive results of this study, researchers hope to run prospective, clinical trials to help determine a definitive causal relationship between ketamine and the severity of migraine headaches.

There is a reason why the World Health Organization has included ketamine on its list of essential drugs. A powerful anesthetic for use in surgery and emergency services. One of the most effective treatments available for depression, anxiety and psychiatric disorders. Useful in preventing and treating the symptoms of PTSD. A non-addictive pain management solution for those suffering from a multitude of chronic pain conditions. And now, a migraine treatment with real promise.

The power of ketamine continues to bring new hope to those suffering from hopeless conditions. What will researchers discover next?


If you or a loved one could benefit from ketamine for migraine headaches, chronic pain, or depression, please contact us using the brief form below. We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation with a highly-trained member of out clinical team. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help get you started on the road towards health and wellness.

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