The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage lives and economies across the globe.

While some countries appear to be on the road to recovery, aftershocks as serious as the original crisis are gathering on the horizon. Experts predict a mental health crisis that will linger for years after other aspects of our lives return to normal. If you’ve ever considered starting a ketamine clinic, now’s the time. 

Demand for ketamine infusion therapy is growing exponentially and set only to increase in response to the current global state of affairs. An international study investigating the mental health impact of the pandemic saw 66.9% of respondents report higher levels of stress. Likewise, over 50% cited emotional exhaustion and increased sadness in day-to-day life as contributors to decreased mental health. Just as the world has ramped up its ability to treat the immediate symptoms of Covid-19, so too does it need to prepare for the myriad corollary effects. 

In starting a ketamine clinic, you provide access to a life-saving therapy while doing work that is incredibly rewarding to the clinician. With growing numbers facing the challenge of depression and related psychiatric disorders, folks are evermore open to innovative treatment. Years of research have demonstrated the extraordinary potential of ketamine infusions in preventing self-harm and relieving treatment resistant depression. With Covid-19 already claiming over 96,000 lives in the US, there could hardly be a better time for proactive initiatives aimed at preventing further suffering.

Where to Begin

Vitalitas Denver is a successful ketamine clinic that continues to thrive despite an increasingly competitive market environment. Founder Dr. Roman Langston has since initiated a consulting service and helped dozens of clinics across the country find success in this revolutionary and rewarding area of practice. Services include: 

    • Digital marketing assistance to ensure the highest possible rank in Google and other search engines
    • Integral design and branding across all media platforms
    • Communication services that work to provide a seamless patient experience
    • Payment processing options for a digital marketplace
    • Insurance consulting and liability advice
    • Equipment sourcing and implementation
    • Office design consulting
    • Scheduling & record keeping
    • Treatment protocol advice and insight 
    • On-site and in-person consulting

Entrepreneurial clinicians interested in starting a ketamine clinic need to act fast; turnkey solutions help you do just that. Renew your love for medicine and join the revolution. Saving lives has never been more rewarding. Contact us!

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