Sometimes depression creeps up from out of nowhere. It may be surprising to learn that depression could be triggered by the body language you are being exposed to—facial expressions, body positioning, personal space…or a lack thereof. Subtle facial expressions, which may be largely unrecognizable, could slowly be causing psychological distress. The signals we send each other come not just from the words we hear, but also when, where, and how they are spoken to us. All of us read faces when we speak with each other, since it helps us gauge our interactions. But, what most do not do is actively regulate our exposure to negativity from the body language we receive. Sometimes, it may not be possible to do so, so there are other ways—through pharmaceuticals and mindfulness—to reduce the impact of your exposure instead.

According to a recent article from Big Think, eight studies have shown that there are significant psychological benefits to taking a low dose hallucinogen—like LSD, psilocybin, or DMT. According to the research, the experiences they offer provide an alleviation from the “drudgery of self” while also boosting sensations of satisfaction and ease. For those who are severely depressed, this may be a chance to overcome a long stint of unhappiness.

The studies also found that those who suffer from severe anxiety may benefit the most. Due to modulated amygdala activity, LSD and psilocybin reduce the user’s recognition of negative facial expressions. This means that ignoring or moving on from a negative interaction with another becomes much easier to do. Thanks to these drugs, being weighed down by a bad conversion is no longer necessary. For sensitive people, it is now possible to let things “roll off the shoulder” effortlessly.

It should be no surprise that there are a number of alternative treatments for serious mental health conditions that are otherwise left to dominate your life. Instead of being limited to highly-addictive benzodiazepines for anxiety, soon, patients may be able to supplement their self-care regimens and treat their mental health conditions with a low dose hallucinogen. Similarly, instead of relying on traditional SSRIs for depression, ketamine infusions—which are already widely available at clinics like ours—may prove to be more effective at relieving the symptoms of severe depression, anxiety and PTSD.

While most psychedelics aren’t allowed for the treatment of mental health conditions yet, many people have finally found relief through the adoption of newer, innovative treatments, such as ketamine infusions, because they offer numerous benefits for various psychiatric conditions. If you have not found adequate relief from traditional treatments for your debilitating depression, crippling anxiety, chronic pain, or another serious condition, give one of these newer treatments a try. It may provide the relief and release you need.

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