Because of the occasional stigma applied to ketamine treatments, we feel it is important to share as much information about ketamine infusions as possible. For our ketamine clinic, using social media to communicate useful information to the public has been quite effective. We keep our followers abreast of the latest ketamine research and news hoping that, by educating more people about the science behind ketamine infusions, more people will become open-minded to these potentially life-changing treatments.

Recently, we received a comment from a gentleman on one of our Facebook posts saying that, yes, ketamine had worked wonders for his depression, but how can we justify our prices?

Our ketamine clinic offers the lowest priced ketamine infusions in the entire country. But, yes, the price tag can still give some pause—until you consider the overhead costs associated with hiring a top-notch clinical team, liability insurance, etc. Most clinics offer ketamine infusions for between $400 and $800. We begin ketamine treatments at only $325 making infusions affordable for and accessible to more people.

The comment reminded me of a column I came upon in MD Mag, “Are Ketamine Clinics Profiteering or Leading Innovation.” The author, Steve Levine, explains that ketamine is truly a wonder drug for the treatment of depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and other psychiatric disorders—“the most rapidly acting and effective antidepressant the field has ever seen,” he says. He also explains that, because ketamine is a widely-available generic drug, the nationwide proliferation of private ketamine clinics has been rapid, to say the least.

We understand why many some doctors and patients might see ketamine clinics as a get-rich-quick business initiative, and sadly, there are clinics emerging whose motivations are not patient-centered. But, there are an abundance of clinics run by doctors whose hearts are in the right place; clinics determined to make this life-changing treatment available for those suffering from severe depression, other psychiatric disorders, and chronic pain conditions.

In his column, Levine says, “It is an uncomfortable truth that medicine is a business, and you do not get to stay in business, pay employees, and treat patients unless that business turns a profit at some point.” In our Littleton and Westminster, Colorado clinics, our primary mission is to bring hope and relief to those suffering from depression and chronic pain. But, as Levine says, in order to do that, we need to run a successful business.

The business of running a our ketamine clinics has been, at times, challenging, but the emotional rewards of seeing patients regain their lives are well worth it. We look forward to following the evolution of this exciting drug along with you while continuing to bring you useful updates.


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