Though controversial and oftentimes misunderstood, ketamine infusions have been a life-changing treatment for individuals suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Ketamine works when more conventional depression treatments and antidepressants fail. 70% of patients who undergo ketamine infusions experience improvement in their symptoms. Many of these patients – and their doctors – are eager to share these stories, believing that their successes may bring hope to those who are still suffering. Here are a handful of these stories.


Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience, claims that no other medical advance matches the discovery of IV ketamine to treat depression and anxiety. Ablow has seen patients crippled by depression, who have been unable to work for many years, return to their jobs within weeks of beginning ketamine infusions. Individuals who were once so ridden by anxiety that they couldn’t leave their homes are now able to travel with their families. When ketamine infusions are used in conjunction with conventional therapy – rather than as a replacement for it – patients are able to free themselves from the shackles of depression and anxiety and move towards building a future and reaching their personal and professional goals. Read more about Ablow’s experience using ketamine as a depression treatment here.


After experiencing a complete mental collapse – the result of suffering from severe, treatment-resistant depression for many years – patient Jeff Ellis was suicidal…until he found hope at a ketamine infusion clinic in Southern Los Angeles. His entire life changed when he introduced ketamine infusions into his self-care regimen. Watch a brief PBS video on his transformation:

Another patient had been diagnosed with a multitude of psychiatric disorders, from major depressive disorder to panic disorder and anxiety disorder. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, benziodiazepines, mood stabilizers – nothing worked. Hopeless and ready to try electroconvulsive therapy, her psychiatrist mentioned the possibility of ketamine infusions. She did some research and found that she was a candidate. After her first infusion, she said, “I was freed from the weight, that heavy, dark, lonely, cloud that followed me for so long. I could breath!! And it only continued to get better as the days passed.” 10-months after her initial infusions, the same patient reports that she was not only able to significantly reduce her amount of medications, but that she’s also able to laugh, smile, feel, and truly live her life. “I feel like I’ve found my life again.” She also notes that feeling well takes some getting used to! Through lifestyle and diet changes, she’s been able to learn and grow along with her new life.

Yet another patient reports calling her doctor after her third ketamine infusion, reporting that she had a bounce in her step; that she had been giggling, that she felt on top of the world. This patient recounts the entire ketamine infusion experience in the article ‘Ketamine Saved My Life.’

There are, of course, those whose symptoms do not improve with ketamine infusions. Their symptoms, however, are not worse off for trying. Importantly, atonally takes two infusions inmost situations to discover whether or not ketamine will work for you. Ketamine has very few side effects after the physical infusion is over, and is not physically addictive. For individuals suffering from suicidal thoughts, treatment-resistant depression, or other debilitating mood disorders, ketamine has the potential to change their lives immensely – for the better, of course.


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