According to the World Health Organization, migraines are one of the top 10 most disabling medical conditions.

Almost everyone who suffers from migraines also experiences interferences in their education, career, and social life.

Anyone who experiences migraines firsthand likely wants to avoid having a debilitating migraine or headache attack this summer. Before you understand how to avoid these migraines, you’ll want to know what causes headaches. Learn more about common summertime migraine triggers and how to avoid them below.

Common Summertime Migraine Triggers

Do you often get migraines in the summer? If so, then there’s a great chance that the weather itself is triggering your attacks. Heat, dry air, humidity, and sunlight glare can all cause and contribute to summertime migraines. That’s not all, either. Here are a few more common summertime triggers:

    • Dehydration
    • Too much light exposure
    • Certain foods and drinks
    • Consuming alcohol or caffeine in the heat
    • Getting off your usual routine due to a summer schedule

How to Treat a Migraine Once it Starts

When you notice the first signs of a migraine, it’s best to act fast before the worst symptoms hit. The best in-the-moment migraine treatment is turning off the lights, removing any background noise, drinking some fluids, and using a cold or hot compress. It’s best not to attempt to work, browse on your phone, or watch TV.

You can also take pain relievers, anti-nausea medications, and other types of medications to soothe your symptoms. These common migraine treatment options are available either over the counter or by prescription. Always consult with your doctor before taking any new medications or trying a new migraine remedy.

Of course, if you suffer from chronic long-term migraines, then you’ve likely tried all the treatment options above. Migraines that are unresponsive to other types of treatments might respond to ketamine for chronic pain. Consider this option if you’ve already used other treatment options with little success in the past.

How to Avoid Summertime Migraines

Prevention is often the best type of treatment, so it makes sense that the number one thing you can do to avoid a summertime migraine is to stay hydrated. If dehydration is a factor, then one quick migraine remedy is to simply consume water, Gatorade, or another hydrating beverage. It’s also best to avoid too much sun and heat exposure. If you feel like you’re overheating, then above all else, don’t ignore the signs and take steps to treat migraines as soon as they appear.  

What Causes Headaches in the Summer?

Now that you know more about what causes headaches in the summertime and how to treat them, you can hopefully avoid a migraine attack. If you suffer from chronic summertime headaches, then we might have a solution that works for you. Ketamine infusion treatment may help restore and repair nerve impulses that could be causing your headaches.

If you think you’d benefit from this type of treatment, then we invite you to reach out to our office to learn more. Leave your details on our online contact form now, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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