Ketamine is, by far, the most effective treatment for depression available today. Effective in 70% of patients, ketamine oftentimes works where other antidepressants have failed. In addition to being used as a depression medication, ketamine has also shown promise in PTSD prevention, the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, and has been used to reduce chronic pain.

Yet the stigma of ketamine as a popularly-abused club drug, coupled with the fact that the medication has not been FDA-approved for the treatment of depression, have presented clinics like ours with a major hurdle to overcome. Through our own communication efforts, we try to present people with the full scope of information available about ketamine: the pros, the cons, the questions and the concerns.

Fortunately, it looks like media coverage of ketamine is taking a turn in a more favorable direction! Based on a recently published PLOS article, researchers have noted consistent, positive changes in the way the media frames ketamine as a treatment for depression. Over the past 7 years, news media outlets were found to be much more likely to not only encourage the use of ketamine for depression, but also to claim that ketamine is more effective than traditional antidepressants.

Still, a lot of bias exists. And a lot of bias will continue to exist. We, as well as most reputable ketamine clinics, are committed to educating as many people as possible about the various ways ketamine can be used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, other mental health disorders, and chronic pain. The more people are aware of this highly effective treatment for depression, the more chance we have of changing – and saving – lives.


We understand – and expect! – you to have questions about ketamine and how it can be used to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, mood disorders, or chronic pain. We are always happy to answer questions about ketamine infusions, and to help you decide whether or not ketamine could help you renew hope in your life.

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